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The aim of the Welsh reading series Dyna chi dric is to ignite young children's interest in exciting books and stories as they develop their reading skills and become confident readers. The series uses a variety of genres, including factual books, instructions, postcards and rhyming stories. This reading series is suitable for learners who are learning to read in Welsh and are at progression steps 1 and 2.

These digital versions function as support for the printed books and freely available interactive activities. Each digital version of the book is housed in an interactive reader, and includes a readout with pronunciation consistent with that taught in the Tric a Chlic programme, on which Dyna chi dric is based.

By making a purchase of one of the products on this page, you'll receive a code that provides unlimited access to the digital version of your chosen book(s) via the Dyna chi dric website.

Accessing your Chosen Books

Receiving your Codes

When you complete payment for an order including one of the products on this page, your code(s) will be emailed to the email address you used for your purchase. You should also be presented with your codes on the post-checkout order confirmation page. 

If Paying by Invoice

Codes for orders paid for by invoice will be sent after payment has been confirmed. Following payment confirmation, codes will be emailed to the address used to create the original order.

Redeeming your Codes

  1. Log in to the Dyna chi dric website
    1. You will have to register an account if you've not already done so, but this account can use a different email address to the one that placed the order on our shop, if you wish.
  2. Navigate to the code redemption page
    1. After logging in, you can access this page from a button on the homepage, or from the quick-menu in the top right of the site.
  3. Enter your code and click the Redeem Code button
    1. You'll receive an email confirming your redemption, and can view your redeemed codes on your account page.
  4. Go to the books list and start reading!
    (During the month of June, 2024, all books are available to read for free - after this point you'll retain access to any books for which you've redeemed a code)