About Us

Peniarth is one of the leading publishers of Welsh and bilingual educational books and resources in Wales.

Established in 2009 by University of Wales Trinity Saint David, we have published over 300 printed titles, over 50 digital, web and interactive resources as well as apps for the education sector in Wales.

Our Mission

Transforming Education; Transforming Lives

Established and based within the University of Wales Trinity Saint David, an organisation with a long and successful history as one of the main teacher training centres in Wales, we share the same vision as the University, which is to transform education and transform lives. The learner is central to our day-to-day work, within our planning, developing, designing, and publishing.

Our Vision

As one of the leading publishers of books and educational resources in Wales, our aim is to produce and provide innovative bilingual resources and services for the education sector that can inspire the learner to flourish at every stage and ensure a successful and exciting future.

Central to our business plan is building and developing relationships and contacts within a range of stakeholder networks across Wales and beyond, to ensure that our products and services meet needs, and contribute to help children and young people to be;

  • ambitious and capable
  • enterprising and creative contributors to life
  • ethical and informed citizens of Wales and the world
  • healthy and confident individuals.


In Autumn 2019, we are celebrating our 10th anniversary. As part of the celebrations, we have rebranded.

What is the new logo?

Falcon – a bird that appears in a notable illustration within one of the famous Peniarth manuscripts.

Why, how and where?

The Centre is named after the Peniarth manuscripts, a collection of medieval Welsh manuscripts. The collection contains some of the oldest and most important manuscripts in the history of Welsh literature, including the Black Book of Carmarthen which was written here in Carmarthen town where we are based.

Also included in the manuscripts are the early texts of the ‘Law of Hywel Dda’, which are the old Welsh laws that were updated by Hywel Dda following a meeting of lawyers and clergy from all over Wales in the town of Whitland here in Carmarthenshire. Peniarth Manuscript 28 is one of the books from the Law of Hywel Dda, and within this manuscript there is an illustration of a falcon resting on the arm of the falconer, which has inspired us!

And here we are, many centuries later, adopting this falcon to represent us. The falcon is a bird that symbolises vision, freedom and victory, and here at Peniarth we are fully committed to providing products and services that will provide the children and young people of Wales with the vision and freedom to flourish and triumph throughout their lives.