Brethyn Cymru - Poster

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As part of an exciting project funded by the Welsh Government, every school in Wales has received copies of a Brethyn Cymru poster.

This pioneering cross-subject resource created by Peniarth is part of the Welsh Government’s strategy to enable Welsh teachers and learners to learn about our nation’s multi-cultural history and diversity in Wales throughout the ages. It supports the Curriculum for Wales’ Six Areas of Learning and Experience.

Studying Welsh history is an important part of fulfilling the four purposes of the Curriculum for Wales, as the new framework reflects Wales, our cultural heritage and diversity, our languages and values, and all our communities’ and people’s histories and traditions.

The poster, which is 2m in length and 40cm wide, includes 20 key figures whose contributions have helped shape modern Wales, with QR codes that enable access to further information on each one on the Hwb platform. Both media can be used to initiate discussion work or facilitate further study within groups, whole classes or individually. There are 2 posters, one aimed at the primary sector, and one aimed at secondary learners. There are 15 individuals that appear on both posters, and 5 that are unique to each sector.

If you'd like to buy copies of the poster, we have a special offer for buying 5 copies.

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Dimensions (mm)2000 x 400 x 2