Rhywbeth Drwg ar Waith

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A kid's guide to coping with the news.


When children learn about something BIG and BAD — even when they hear only bits and pieces — their brains get busy trying to make sense of it.


What happened?
Why did it happen?
Will it happen again?


RHYWBETH DRWG AR WAITH guides children ages 6 to 12 and the adults who care about them through tough conversations about serious world events, from environmental threats to human tragedies. Care is taken to use the non-specific term “bad thing” throughout, helping parents retain control over which events to talk about, and how much information to provide.


Written by child psychologist and best-selling author Dr. Dawn Huebner, RHYWBETH DRWG AR WAITH normalizes fear, sadness, and worry about “bad things” while teaching coping skills to help children preserve feelings of safety, optimism, and strength.