Hamdden yr Haf

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Hooray, it's the summer holidays and by looking at schedules and posters, there is plenty of activities for Betsan and Roco for a whole week!

Hamdden yr Haf is part of the Archwilio'r Amgylchedd yn y dref book series (series 1) that follow the adventures of Betsan and Roco as they explore the town's environment. The first series includes 8 original stories and poems for children in the Foundation Phase. They aim to support different areas of learning and experience with a focus on outdoor exploration and discovery.


The books offer an opportunity to raise children's curiosity about their environment as well as encourage them to enjoy by exploring, inquiring, experimenting, asking questions and trying to find answers. This is a series that develops opportunities for children to read and express their ideas, opinions and feelings, showing imagination, creativity and sensitivity to their environment.