Dawns a Chreu

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Here's a set of 36 A4 cards offering children opportunities to respond physically to a range of stimuli through music, stories or poetry, in order to foster and develop their physical skills, literacy, promote their creativity and enhance their self-confidence.
This is a resource that offers children opportunities to respond physically through gesture, dance, song and song to a range of stimuli; music, story, or poem, in order to nurture and develop their physical, creative, literacy, and promote and motivate their self-confidence.

The materials contribute towards:

· Encouraging children to use their mind, imagination and senses creatively
· Promoting confidence, motivation and self-worth
· Motivating focus
· Encouraging children to participate in creative and expressive activities
· Promoting working as an individual, with a partner or in small groups.

There is a focused task on each card, which is associated with the stimuli, with movements, vocabulary, and feelings to accompany the stimuli and the activity, as well as ideas for further activities.

The resource is supported by exemplary material, available on Hwb.

Dawns a Chreu: supporting creativity in the Foundation Phase