Ditectif Geiriau 1

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This is a reading and comprehension book for children7-9 years old in Key Stage 2. This book is part of the Ditectif Geiriauseries that contains 4 books that are graded. The books include a rangeof activities and a wide variety of factual and imaginative stimuli along witha selection of interactive online activities.

The aim of the series is to expand children'svocabulary and language knowledge as well as improving their reading skills.


1. Y gair gorau (1) [The best word (1) ]

2. Y gair gorau (2) [The best word (2) ]

3. Ci bach newydd [Newpuppy]

4. Parti Ceri [Ceri'sParty]

5. Y trip i Stadiwm yMileniwm [The trip to the Millenium Stadium]

6. Pen-blwydd Mam [Mum'sBirthday]

7. Poster gymnasteg [GymnasticsPoster]

8. Cerdyn post [Postcard]

9. Y chwilen ddu [Theblack beetle]

10. Nyrs anifeiliaid [Animalnurse]

11. Y draenog [The hedgehog]

12. Seren y Cwm [The valley'sstar]

13. Y trip i Eisteddfod yr Urdd [Thetrip to the Urdd Eisteddfod]

14. Y gala nofio [The swimming gala]

15. Fy nheulu i a fi [My family and me]