Reading Tests Bundle

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This is a bundle of 27 books for the Amazing price of £45 to prepare for the National Reading Tests. It includes the Ditectif Geiriau series; 4 graded A4 reading comprehension books which include a range of activities and a wide variety of factual triggers as well as additional interactive online activities on Hwb. The pack also includes a copy each of Taclo'r Tasgau 1 and 2; another resource to help learners and teachers with the content of the National Reading Tests supporting the linguistic requirements of the National Literacy and Numeracy Framework.

This bundle includes:

  • 5x Ditectif Geiriau 1
  • 5x Ditectif Geiriau 2
  • 5x Ditectif Geiriau 3
  • 5x Ditectif Geiriau 4
  • 1x Taclo'r Tasgau 1
  • 1x Taclo'r Tasgau 2