Cynan y ceiliog (step 2)

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Cynan y Ceiliog is sad ... but why, I wonder? Cynan y Ceiliog has lost the feathers on his tail. Can you help Cynan and his friends to find the missing tail? We need to search everywhere and Cynan y Ceiliog needs your help!

The aim of the Welsh reading series Dyna chi dric is to ignite young children's interest in exciting books and stories as they develop their reading skills and become confident readers. The series uses a variety of genres, including factual books, instructions, postcards and rhyming stories. The books are graded across three levels and this book is on level 2. 

This reading series is suitable for learners aged 4-8 who are learning to read in Welsh and are at progression steps 1 and 2.

Want to challenge the reader further? You will find interactive activities, a vocabulary table and simple discussion activities at the back of the book to help you.