Mêts Maesllan 2: Complete Series

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Like the first series, these new books and activities follow the adventures and interests of a lively group of friends - Mim, Ben, Sam, and Wil (and Bob the dog) who live in Maesllan and are now 11 and 12 years old. The series includes a pack of 32 cross-curricular books, some of which are fictional, others factual, and some in the form of rhyme.

The books are relatively short and are designed to attract the interest of children who are usually reluctant to read. A dedicated website, https://pth.cymru/adnoddau-mm2, is available with digital and paper activities made to support and reinforce the vocabulary and language patterns presented in the books.

To provide both continuity and progression on the first series, the books are graded at 4 levels in order to help develop reading skills, with each level building on the previous one. This series begins with level 2 and introduces level 5 to the series for the first time.