Tric a Chlic Step 3 (English-medium schools version)

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This new Tric a Chlic programme is suitable for children who have already been introduced to a synthetic phonic programme in English. It allows for easy progression by building on their knowledge, revising sounds and introducing new Welsh sounds orally, through movement and visual clues.

Children can then blend and segment words, short sentences and graded reading books using the same strategies as they do in English. The graded books have also been translated and questions supplied with possible answers for the benefit of both teachers and support staff. There are games, fun activities and songs for children to embed their phonic knowledge through play. The Tric a Chlic app will reinforce the teaching in a creative way by using modern technology.


Tric a Chlic

  • Builds on the children's existing synthetic phonic knowledge in English.
  • Trialled in classrooms.
  • Is fun and multi-sensory.
  • Is ready to use.
  • Encourages children to talk, read, discuss, spell and write through the medium of Welsh.

This pack includes:

  • 10 books - 6 of each
  • 163 A5 cards
  • 34 A4 reading strips to cut
  • 14 A4 game cards